Be Your Most Vibrant You

Be Your Most Vibrant YouBe Your Most Vibrant You

What brought you here?


  • Is it challenging for you to stick to healthy habits?
  • Do you go back and forth between binging and depriving yourself of food?
  • Are you unsure where to start when it comes to making positive changes?
  • Do you feel overworked, under appreciated, and frustrated with yourself?
  • Are you tired of doing a million things for others, but nothing for yourself?

If any one of those things sounds like you, then it is no coincidence that you ended up here!

As a (recovering) people pleaser, I know how difficult it is to say no to things.  I promise that once you start prioritizing your health & wellbeing, you will actually be saying yes to so much more. 

Let me show you how!

Working Together


Personal Coaching


If you match any of the descriptions above personal coaching is for you! 

In this program you will get one-on-one coaching where together we can focus solely on you and what changes you need to make to feel vibrant, healthy, & confident in your choices. Here are some examples of what this program will look like for you:

  • Get accountability & support to make sustainable food & lifestyle changes.
  • Nourish your body with real foods & adopt a healthier mindset around your eating habits. 
  • Practice saying  no to what doesn't align with your values & priorities with ease!
  • Completely ditch feelings of guilt, deprivation & FOMO, and instead feel confident, satiated, and embrace JOMO (joy of missing out).
  • Show up in your day to day & with the people you love with more energy, focus, and clarity.
  • Love yourself and your choices without any doubt. 

Sound like the program for you?


Want to Kickstart Your Healthy Habits?

Are you feeling bloated, sluggish, and not in control of your food choices and looking for a quick way to get back on track? Then the Reset Program is for you! 

I have guided many clients through both the 5 Day Reset Program and the 28 Kickstart Your Health Program. At the end of the program clients have experienced better digestion, feeling lighter, more energized, and more mindful, in control, and confident with their food choices!  


Take My Bar Method Classes

What is the Bar Method?

The Bar Method is a total body sculpting workout. It focuses on small muscle movements combined with active stretching and bursts of cardio to lengthen, tone, and strengthen the body. 

The Bar Method has been in my life for 6+ years and it has become the best total body workout for me. I have never felt stronger or happier with my body thanks to BM! 

Eat for Energy & Focus at The Bar (4 week online group program for Bar Method Clients)

Eat for Energy & Focus at The Bar (4 week online group program for Bar Method Clients)

Eat for Energy & Focus at The Bar (4 week online group program for Bar Method Clients)


Are you a Bar Method client who wants to learn how to eat sustainably to see the best results? Marissa Vicario and I have teamed up to create an exclusive 4 week online group program for Bar Method clients. In this program we teach you how to pair a whole foods diet & holistic lifestyle tips with the Bar Method workout. Participants have experienced more results with their workout, leaner body, cleaner digestion and more awareness and knowledge of what works for their own unique bodies.  

Onstage with Wellness Podcast

Eat for Energy & Focus at The Bar (4 week online group program for Bar Method Clients)

Eat for Energy & Focus at The Bar (4 week online group program for Bar Method Clients)


Jeanna Daniels and I are performers turned Certified Health Coaches who help artists reclaim their power and take intentional action in their life. If you are a performer who is tired of feeling burnt out, not good enough, and like you don't have control over your career? This podcast is for you! Get ready to feel energized, confident, & fully in charge of you on and off the stage! Tune in each week to get holistic lifestyle and nutrition tips for a sustainable career as a performer, our own inspirational stories and experiences as well as our guests, and practical tools to handle rejection, competition, & perfectionism in the industry.

Join My Tribe

Become a Health Coach

Become a Health Coach


Do you have dreams of becoming an entrepreneur with a cutting edge health & wellness company? Do you love helping people? If so, click below to learn more details about joining my tribe of kick-ass ladies creating the career and life of our dreams.  

Become a Health Coach

Become a Health Coach

Become a Health Coach


Are you interested in doing what I do as Health Coach? Check out a sample class from The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the world's largest nutrition school, where myself and thousands have studied. This program changed my life; it helped me to be the healthiest I have ever been and choose a career I love. 


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