Be Your Most Vibrant You

Be Your Most Vibrant YouBe Your Most Vibrant You

Welcome! I am so happy you are here.


My name is Dani. 

I am a Certified Health Coach.

I coach millennials how to stop saying yes to everyone but themselves and start prioritizing their health, passions, and their life.

I believe we all have the intuition to make the best decisions for our bodies and our lives. We are constantly being bombarded with what others are doing and this is getting in the way of us trusting our own intuition. Especially we women who are used to accommodating others and making decisions based around what they think others want them to do.   

It is my mission to help you find the best food and lifestyle choices that work for YOU so you can be your most vibrant, badass self. 

How did I get here?

As a young child, I had a lot of passion, energy, and was very sure of who I was. Somewhere along the way that started to fade as I started to take in what others were doing & saying and what society was telling me I should be like. 

As a (recovering) people pleaser, I always said yes to everything and everyone. Yes to every gathering even if that meant rearranging my entire schedule, yes to trips I couldn’t afford because I felt guilted into it, yes to covering everyones shifts because I felt bad, yes to working this job that I hated because I felt desperately poor, yes to hanging out with someone who brought me down, yes to every opportunity thinking it would lead me down the right path but would end up just pushing me further behind, and the list goes on!

I used to get so stressed and overwhelmed when it came to making decisions. I always feared I was making the wrong decision, or I would be missing out on something if I said no, or worst of all I would disappoint someone. I cared so much what people thought about me and I based my decisions on whether I would make someone happy with me or not. 

Things started to change when I began to asking myself “am I doing this because I actually want to or because I think I should do it”? I began to realize that the underlying feelings of stress and anxiety were affecting my physical, emotional, and mental well-being and this was not who I wanted to be. 

I started taking a step back and looked at my bigger picture. What did I want my life to look like in a year? 3 years? 5 years? 10 years? Are the things I am saying yes to moving me forward towards my bigger goals & vision? Are the things I am occupying my time with in line with my values and what is important to me? 

Starting to ask myself these questions changed everything for me. Once I got clear on my bigger picture & my values, it became easier to figure out what I wanted to spend my time on. Why? Because I am not doing things I think I am supposed to do. I am CHOOSING to do them for myself. 

I have become the best version of myself, I have attracted the right people into my life, and I am showing up better for those around me. I make healthy choices with ease because I have chosen to have a better relationship with food & my body. Because I have stepped into my power, I have become more confident, healthy, sure of myself and where I am going, and more VIBRANT



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